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Free casino Roulette games for fun: choose your Roulette type

Choose free casino Roulette games for fun

It is absolutely impossible to imagine any American casino without Roulette. The dealer spins the wheel of the machine and throws a ball on it. The very essence is to try to guess the cell with the number in which the ball gets when it stops its chaotic movement.

The first prototype of roulette was developed in the 17th century by the mathematician Pascal. He described the rules of this new game. In the 18th century, roulette arrived in the USA, where its principle was slightly changed, and the “Double Zero” sector was added to the wheel. These modifications were aimed at obtaining greater profits from the game, directly to the owners of casinos.

Now, when most gamblers prefer to play using online resources, they often choose free casino Roulette games for fun.

Play free casino Roulette games for fun

Before gamblers start playing free casino Roulette games for fun, they must make a bet. There are 3 types of bets:

  • Outside — these are bets that are made on additional areas, for example, a dozen;
  • Inside — bet specifically on a number or several numbers;
  • Verbal bets in free casino Roulette games for fun are made on a specific group of numbers and used only in the French version (mostly in live and land casinos). chance to earn much.

The most popular bets among amateur and professional roulette players are the positions for Red, Black, or dozens. After all the bets have been made, the dealer spins the wheel and starts the ball. When the player guessed correctly, they get the prize; if not — they lose.

Types of roulettes

Today, the most popular are 3 types of roulettes: American, European, and the French one. They differ slightly.

However, the American online free casino Roulette has 2 Zero sectors. The other types of this game are almost the same.

French Roulette

It is the most popular type among all free casino Roulette games for fun, as in its real money version, the player has more chances to win. There are 37 cells: from one to 36, Zero and additional fields. All the numbers are marked and painted in black and red. Only Zero is green. There are three types of bets in French Roulette:

  • Outside bet;
  • Straight Bet. It is made on any number and Zero as well;
  • Street Bet. In this case, one of the three numbers wins, and the chips are located on the line that connects all three numbers;
  • Line Bet. This bet is made to six numbers.

European Roulette

All cells are numbered from 1 to 36. With regard to the bets, they can be made both on the color of the cell and directly on the number or group of numbers. Also, here the La Partage rule works. This rule allows the player to make a 50% refund of the Even Money bet, in the event when the ball chooses Zero occurs.

Try these free casino games Roulette types to have more chances to make money in a real game.

Best Roulette Slots

Free casino Roulette games for fun are mostly slots of popular reliable providers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Novomatic, and BetSoft. In most live casinos, the gamblers need to make real bets. Here are the slots that players choose more often:

  1. Mini Roulette (NetEnt). Here, the maximum bet is 500 credits, and the smallest stake is 1 credit. There are 2 working tables (regimes) are used here: Low Roller, and Standard;
  2. American Roulette (iSoftBet). This is the game with the smallest 0.1 bets, and it has Double Zero sector;
  3. Roulette Pro (NetEnt). This European Roulette casino free game is available on the playing resources that let their users play even before the registration (Mr. Green, for example);
  4. 3D Roulette (Playtech). It attracts with its realistic picture and the largest 3000 bet, which gives a gambler a chance to earn much.

However, the fun will never depend on the game type. Roulette always brings players happiness, and very often — big wins.

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