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How to play roulette on virtual slots

Until the moment you sit in the gaming chair, you must determine the amount of money for playing roulette – this will be your game capital. You should not play all the money at once, because roulette is a game of chance. If luck has turned away from you, even a new roulette system, tactics or strategy won’t help you to win. This is a verified statement.

It may be that the system you have chosen is unsuccessful. Therefore, you need to calmly analyze your loss and know how to play roulette. And next time apply a more successful roulette strategy. Sometimes a player may not be able to cope with emotions: gets nervous and sharply increases the bet or doubles it and therefore loses. It is necessary to concentrate and play carefully and thoughtfully. Planning is the most important part of a good game.


According to the rules of how to play roulette at casino, a roulette table in a casino is a playing field for bets, a wheel with cells numbered from 0 to 36 (00 in American roulette) and a ball.

All bets are placed on the playing field of roulette. After all, bets have been placed on the roulette table, the dealer launches the wheel and throws a ball, which, after several laps, falls into one of the cells on the roulette wheel. The number of this roulette slot is the winning number.

Strategies to know how to play roulette and win

How to play roulette and win all the time? This question excites more than one generation of gamblers. Are there working strategies and are they really effective?

Increasing or decreasing bets depending on the outcome of the previous spin – in fact, this is the Martingale method that players have long used to win at roulette. The gambler makes a minimum bet on color, which doubles with each loss. After a successful result, the player returns to the initial value. As a result, the user always wins one minimum bet. The advantage of the system is that the wager for bonuses is quickly won back and bonus money give an additional advantage.

The basis of the Fibonacci how to play roulette strategy is very similar to a game using the Martingale gaming system. Most often, this game strategy is used at high odds (color, odd / even, big / small), but it can also be used with a game of dozens. The basic principle that underlies this roulette winning strategy was the Fibonacci number sequence.

You can play on progressive systems with preliminary single spins. User makes free spins in the game mode for real money. After 10-15 launches, it is needed to pay attention to the dozens and color. If there is one column, one dozen, one color or odd / even, you can start betting at least the opposite odds, doubling the bet in case of loss. The “quick throw” function will be very helpful here. It saves a ton of time and allows you to type longer numerical sequences.

Playing in a conspiracy against a live dealer: in this strategy, first of all, you need to know what a wager is? Two players make large bets on opposite odds (color, dozen, column) at the same table. The bottom line is simple: win the bonus as soon as possible and divide the profit from the remaining balance between both gamblers.

If you want to know how to play roulette well. The main thing is to play, experiment, apply strategies and luck will not take long.

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