How to win Roulette

How to win at Roulette tips and the best recommendations for the players

Every person playing in casino video slot machines, sooner or later begins to think how to win at Roulette slots always. Actually, those, who play live Roulette, are also interested in the answer to this important moment.

Asking the question on how to win at online Roulette, most gamblers mean European or French game, but a smaller percentage of American Roulette players also often leave casinos with prizes.

How to win at Roulette: the game specifics

The Roulette strategy is the best here. Any strategy will be ineffective if the ball falls on zero — Martingale, a system of doubling bets and many others. There are 37 numbers on the gaming table, on any of which a player can bet. If he bets $ 1 on a number, in case of victory, he wins $ 36 — the bet will be multiplied by 36 times, and since there are 37 numbers on the playing field, as a result, the casino always wins by one figure. American Roulette has 2 Zeros, so the house edge here is twice higher (although, the winner also gets must more).

How to beat Roulette?

Today, a huge number of various strategies have been developed, but none is effective enough to give a definite answer to the question on how to win at online Roulette game.

  • Very often, professional land-casino players demonstrate solid success, they use this strategy. All-day the player stays is in the hall and watches the speed of rotation of the Roulette wheel and the speed of the ball. For the reason that the rotating part of the structure has a slight backlash, the frequency of the occurrence of some numbers is much higher than others.
  • Based on such data, gamblers interested in how to win at Roulette, make bets on the most frequently appearing numbers and win.

However, this is irrelevant for online casinos: Roulette here is just a beautiful animation, numbers are generated by a special program that issues a number.

Doubling System

Doubling System roulette

Roulette is a mathematically numerical game. A solution that shows sufficient efficiency was found. The probability theory controls the Roulette and in order to get a chance to win, the player must constantly double the bet. This works well with bets on the so-called equal odds — red and black, and those that are interested in how to win at Roulette must know it. Nobody must forget about Zero — if the green sector falls, the player loses, and the casino wins. The doubling system is very simple. For example, we bet 1 dollar and the wheel starts spinning. In case of a win, we take the money and bet 1 dollar again. If we lose, we bet $ 2, which, if won, will return the lost dollar to us and make a profit. However, this system does not work often: the practice has proved it.

Different types of Roulette and strategies

There are no special 100% working strategies that can prompt gamblers how to win at Roulette in a casino. The newbies must better avoid American Roulette as soon as with a double Zero the casino advantage is over 5%. French Roulette that uses La Partage rule is considered to be the most attractive game variant for all players.

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