how to win roulette in casino

How to win Roulette in casino: rules and strategies

How to win Roulette in casino — do the strategies work?

Although online gambling is not legal in all states of America, those, who love this entertainment often register legally in offshore casinos and manage to make good money there. Naturally, the beginners, who pick table games, are interested in how to win Roulette in casino and if the wheel can be rotated in some “special” way.

Actually, the tricks with the wheel do not work more (in real casinos) — these gambling establishments are checked regularly. So, to win, the players are recommended to learn Roulette rules and try variants of strategies.

Roulette is a game, the name of which comes from the French word “roulette”, which literally is translated as “little wheel”. This is one of the most popular games played in casinos around the world. The online game (and the game in real casinos) can be played simultaneously by up to 6 people.

How to win Roulette in casino — rules

Each one who is interested in how to win Roulette in casino must know that there are several main types of this old popular game including European, American and French Roulette. The rules of each variant are almost the same. The dealer drops a little ball on the wheel after the bets of the players are made. Gamblers can bet on a color (red or black or a number).

Players who have made winning bets receive a reward from the casino fund. All other (“non-played”) bets are sent to the casino. Then the game repeats. The newly joined player can immediately start betting if the table is open to bets. If the wheel is already spinning, they will have to wait for the next round.

Roulette wheel

The roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36 (there are 38 sectors in American roulette since the second Zero is added). The Zero sector is colored green. All other sectors are painted in red and black colors, which alternate strictly, starting from number 1, painted in red.

A newbie can make the simplest bets (on a number or on the color). Professionals use many variants of the bets. If a player wants to learn how to win at Roulette in a casino, they should know more about these bets.

Roulette bets variants

Those, who are eager to know how to win Roulette in casino when gambling, must try making different bets:

  • Straight up (chips put on a specific number): it is paid 35:1;
  • Split up — on 2 numbers: paid 17:1;
  • Street bet — the player bets on 1 row. Payouts here are 11:1;
  • A split bet, which is a combined bet on 2 numbers. One of them is Zero, and the rest goes to the 1st row; the payout is 11:1;
  • Corner bet — 4 chips are used on the lines that intersect (8:1).

The information about all the other bets including odds and evens can be found on the site that offers online Roulette. If a person wants to learn how to win in Roulette in real casino, they should read attentively the manual and have practice with friends or using an online Roulette simulator.

Popular Strategies

Those gamblers, who are seeking for the information that will give them “instructions” how to win Roulette in a casino, usually fail.

Simply, all these methods do not work as they should. However, it is worth mentioning the most famous ones.


This strategy is an undisputed number one, which at first glance really works. The idea of the system is simple — after each loss, we double the bet, and if we win, we once again beat off all previous losses and remain positive.

There is a small “but” – in real casinos they know about this strategy and impose a limit on the size of the bet. Thus, the gambler can come to the conclusion that a real-money Roulette game will end with a loss.


This is another popular strategy with a progression, based on a certain amount of numbers, made up before the start of the game.

Such a game may end up similarly to the Martingale game.


It is also a progression, but the bet increases not several times, but by several units. It does not change the mathematical advantage of the casino.

All of these strategies do not work when a player gambles for long — they might (might – not must!) work when the bets are small, and the player does not have an intention to stay in the game for more than 10 rounds.

The best strategy to win — never borrow money

Actually, the practice of gambling shows that to understand the strategies that will help to understand how to win Roulette in a casino that is real, it is better to start with free slots and simulators. It is also worth reading about the most popular strategies that are described on all sites devoted to gambling — Martingale, Anti-Martingale, Makarov. In reality, they do not help a lot.

The best strategy is not to risk with the money you cannot afford and do not ever borrow even the smallest sum for gambling. Gambling is addictive, and the newbie can simply lose everything — when they borrow, the situation here becomes even worse.

To take pleasure of Roulette, it is recommended to find a good licensed casino with the games that simulate Roulette. Days, weeks and months of practice will prompt a user the best variant and method which works for them and which can bring a win finally.

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