Casino Roulette Rules

Online Casino Roulette: Rules & Best Strategies to Win

There is probably no such person on earth who has never heard of roulette. Unfortunately, many gamblers mistakenly believe that roulette uses a complex betting system – for this reason this game does not receive proper attention.

Having looked at the payouts, you can make sure that roulette is very promising and profitable for playing for real money. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the roulette casino rules, as this game can be a breath of fresh air for you – especially if you played only slots until this moment.

How to Play

If you have not seen the roulette wheel before, we recommend starting with it. This is a disk divided into slots of red and black colors with numbers from 1 to 36. Please note that there is a difference between the American and European roulette wheels – in the American version “00” is present. This feature causes a slight difference in the gameplay as well as in the house edge.

In addition to the wheel, you will be dealing with a table that contains sectors with numbers and additional sectors for bets. American roulette table and European one has a lot in common – having studied the casino roulette rules, you can play any version of this popular game.

How to Play Popular Casino Games: Roulette Rules

When the participants have placed their bets, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball. If you choose an online gaming app, built-in algorithms do all the work for a live dealer. The winning numbered sector is the one in which the ball will be after stopping the rotation of the wheel. If this number is in the group of those on which you bet, you will receive your winnings.

So, if you decide to try this game and don’t know about gameplay features, we recommend choosing the free version to understand the casino roulette rules during the game. Here is an example algorithm of your actions:

  • Select one or more numbers to bet on them.
  • Think about the amount of bet based on your financial capabilities.
  • Spin the roulette wheel if you are playing online game app or wait for the dealer to do so.
  • Get the money you won if you guessed the number. Try again if you fail.

Knowing casino roulette rules, you can play this popular game successfully. However, to increase your chances, we recommend that you study several game strategies.

Strategies to Win

Roulette allows you to apply strategies that are completely legal and increase your chances of winning.


This strategy is based on the principle of constantly doubling your bets from round to round. So, you believe that one major win will cover a series of losses. Learn casino roulette rules before you start using this gaming method.


Double your bet only when you win. This strategy is a bit like Martingale, but it is safer for your money.


This is the riskiest strategy since it recommends you use all your bankroll for a bet – this explains the name. The advantage is that the larger the bet, the greater the amount of winnings.

We have provided some of the best strategies, but there are many others. Keep in mind that strategies will not work unless you have learned the casino roulette rules. In addition, since the house always leaves a small advantage for itself, no strategy gives you a 100% guarantee that you will win.

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