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Online free casino roulette madness

Identifying the best online free casino roulette and diving into playing

Roulette. When it comes to casinos that is the first thing to pop into our heads. And we know you aren’t an exception.

Roulette has a unique charm and what is even better, getting a piece of thrill is like a piece of cake. It is all about the simplicity: you follow the rules and learn the art of placing bets whilst playing for free. That is by far the method, which will work out when it comes to real money bets.

Sensational variety of roulette

There is a vast variety of roulette to satisfy the individual needs of each gambler. However, do not forget that roulette is a game of chance and you can boost your chances to win by knowing the difference between roulettes main variations.

Let us take you through a few popular versions:

  1. French roulette. The roots of roulette are in France. The French roulette table layout is specific. The position of grid numbers is horizontal. The placing of the Outside bets are on the both sides of it and the Dozen Bets are on the upper and lower right side of the grid. Also, the players can benefit from “la part age” and “en prison rules”.
  2. European roulette. European roulette is the most authentic type of roulette we can experience. The numbers on wheel go from 0 to 36 and the odds of winning are 1 to 37. What’s more, European wheels tend to feature the numbers randomly. Also, there is no 00 pocket as on American roulette wheels. In addition, there is one rule existing only in European roulette: “en prison”. The most played versions of this kind of online casino roulette are:
    • Roulette diamond;
    • Roulette royal.
  3. American roulette. American roulette is a key popular type of free casino roulette game online. It’s considered simpler and more challenging than European one. The main difference is 00 pocket on roulette wheel. It decreases chances of winning and increasing player’s stakes (additional spaces on the wheel cannot be an advantage). But the good thing is that the rules are relatively easy to understand.

Discovering the leaders among online casino roulette slots

Unless real money is not for you – the wise thing to do is to try out free casino roulette games on the list below:

  • Roulette Pro. European roulette developed by Playtech is famous for large potential payouts and extremely popular with professional players.
  • Premiere roulette. Designed by Microgaming this Roulette can boast the most graphically advanced interface. As for a game play, it is similar to traditional variations. 36:1 payout, the maximum bet is 300 coins and the minimum one is 0.5. To top it all there is an enormous amount of betting variations.
  • Roulette diamond. An addition of classic Premier roulette, Roulette diamond has 3D reel and really shines bright like a diamond. The rules are basic. It is all about the interface, which by no means has a sophisticated look. All the features such as a wheel, chips and green felt seem realistic. This game works on mobile and tablets, so it has voted to be the best option of gaming on a go.
  • Roulette royale. Developed by Microgaming this European roulette has an extra bet ($/£/€ 1) which multiples the odds to win the Progressive Jackpot. Just read the rules and feel truly royal.

If you have doubts about the roulette, forget them. The opportunity of free online casino roulette games play speaks for itself. There is no risk and plenty of thrill, as long as experience to gain before you head to Vegas. Nevertheless, do you really need that if the Vegas is nearby?

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