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Online Roulette: how to play it at a casino

Today, an online Roulette casino game has gained even more popularity than its “land-casino sibling”. The possibility to play it staying at home attracts gamblers much more than the need to go or drive somewhere to a gambling club. Besides, only Roulette online type games can be tried for free: no real casino will let anyone do it.

Online Roulette rules in brief

Gambling at a chosen casino, one can pick any online Roulette free slots like Roulette Diamond or Roulette Diamond. He can also play these games for money. The live dealer version is never offered for free.

Roulette is a wheel with 37 or 38 sections. When it is spinning, the ball is thrown on it. Definitely, each time this ball gets to a new different section. The aim of the player is to guess this sector to win. The rules here might seem very simple to a newbie: just bet on the numbers or field and wait for the result. Chips (as bets) are placed on the field. The winner gets these chips,

Roulette types

There are three main types of this game today. These are:

  • European online Roulette game (with variants);
  • French;
  • American Roulette.

The wheel pockets’ (sections) number is the main difference between the American one and other types of this game. Different casinos have small variations in the field, sometimes the terms are written in French, sometimes in English. The usual bets (single numbers, red/black, even/odd) can be found in every field.

European Roulette

It has got 37 (0-36 pockets). Red and black ones always alternate; odds and evens also never placed close to each other. The sector that is placed near Zero (26 – 0 – 32) is the only exception. Roulette has many different bets.

Inside bets can be placed on individual numbers or specific combinations of numbers. Inside bets are placed in the center of the roulette table, outside bets are placed “outside” the field.

French Roulette

The numbers’ order here goes back to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. French game variant is always played with a La Partage rule. Its sense is to save a player from a huge loss if a ball gets into the Zero sector.

When it happens, he loses only1/2 of the bet. The La Partage version is cheaper for the player than the usual American and European roulette games. The rule increases the payout percentage for simple bets to 98.5%.

American roulette

The basics here are almost the same, but there are some clear differences between the previous variants. The wheel has got one more additional section with 2 Zeroes, and, as a result, 38 pockets.

The house edge here is twice as high as in other games with the wheel with 37 numbers. La Partage rule does not work here.

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