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What is an online live Roulette casino game?

Really millions dream to gamble — they envy those guys who have chances to play in real land casinos. They are watching this sparkling atmosphere, the celebration of the winners, and they want to try all this stuff at least once. Unfortunately, you need to have too much money to take a ticket to Vegas or Monaco and manage to bet high there.

Nevertheless, even if you are not so rich to let yourself do it, you can visit any reliable gambling recourse, register there and play. For instance, pick the USA online live Roulette casino — you will stay at home or anywhere you want, and play with a true, live dealer. You will surely forget that you are not in a real land gambling institution. Diving into the game, you’ll feel it from inside.

How does online live Roulette casino look like?

Why is the definition of “live” used when somebody is speaking about online live Roulette casino? Why do some people say they can play online but with a “real” person? To answer these questions, you should understand that you are really playing with a true man or woman (mostly, attractive ladies and gentlemen).

The dealer works in a studio with several webcams, and this studio has the best sound and lighting equipment. During an online live Roulette casino game with real dealers, you can not only chat with them but also communicate with other players.

Live dealer Roulette in a casino: the best choice

An online casino live Roulette is very similar to Roulette in a land casino and is very different from online roulette slot with the speed of the game. With a live dealer, the game goes slower, but you get everything that you love so much in a real casino: a beautiful launch of the ball, its sound when it is spinning on the wheel, the opportunity to watch the slowdown and how it stops in the winning sector.

Such entertainments, like NetEnt or Evolution Gaming, online live Roulette casino games, have very high quality; the graphics additions are in perfect harmony with the high-resolution live picture. So the atmosphere of a live casino is created: you see a dealer, you hear a knock of a ball on a roulette wheel and chips on cloth. A field with reference information allows you to navigate the gameplay. This is the better choice than any Roulette slots, for sure.

Real communication and transparency

The number one advantage of playing in a live dealer online casino is the atmosphere of presence. This is live communication. You can chat with the dealer, or with other players. It is these details that make long and sometimes boring gambling a ritual with its culture and charm. A real dealer in a licensed online live Roulette casino is a guarantee of a “live result”, because each player not only watches his play but also can record it and watch it in replay mode.

Due to the fact that the live person rotates the roulette (not the RNG device), everything is transparent and clear. In certified casinos, the random number generator works without cheating, however, players who are accustomed to playing in offline gambling establishments still trust the real croupier more.

Pros of Live Roulette

If you ever played this type of a game, you know about its pluses:

  • You work with a real professional, attractive man or young woman. You do not see other online live Roulette casino visitors;
  • You see a real table, a real background of an elite casino, sounds of roulettes: it creates the effect of presence;
  • The best computer graphics let you forget that you are sitting by a computer;
  • The chances to use here your own Roulette strategies are higher.

Cons of live Roulette

There are three main disadvantages of such live games:

  • The need to download special software, thanks to which a live broadcast will become possible;
  • An uninterrupted Internet connection is required. Any disconnection leads to crash;
  • Not all online casinos have live Roulette.

How to start playing live casino Roulette

In order to start an online live Roulette casino game and win, you should follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the gaming site with a live dealer, specifying personal information;
  2. Make the first deposit using electronic payment systems or bank cards (choose whatever you like – each casino offers different payment methods);
  3. Go to the section Live Casino (or Live Games);
  4. Select Roulette and make a bet. Use your strategies to guess the number or the color of the sector;
  5. When you win, withdraw your money.

Tips to play live Roulette and win

Playing with online live Roulette casino will definitely appeal to experienced players who have years of playing in classic land offline casinos, and beginners who want to improve their skills and gain experience. Live games like Roulette, for instance, accurately recreate the atmosphere of a real game with luxurious rooms, bright tables, and attractive dealers.

  • You need to find a casino that works for several years at least.
  • You should choose the deposit sum. If you want to win a thousand USD, 20 dollars on your deposit will not work.
  • You must try to play in Demo mode to understand the rules better.
  • You need to use different systems to win, Martingale, for example.
  • In live Roulette, it is better not to use bonuses. Leave them for slots


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