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Unusual Varieties of Casino Roulette

Gambling fans have probably heard about three popular types of roulette: American, French and European. American roulette is characterized by the presence of the number “00”, European is used in online casinos, and French is well known due to the beneficial rules for gamblers. In addition to the three types of roulette, mentioned above, there are many other less common types of roulette.

They are made for home use, set in the online casino.

  • Mini Roulette – this kind of online roulette is designed for virtual gambling clubs. Mini-roulette produced by two well-known companies – Playtech and Net Entertainment. Mini-roulette is smaller than the standard one – there are only 13 numbers in its fields. Bets in it can be made for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 numbers, odd / even and color. To clarify, in a mini-roulette the casino’s mathematical superiority over players is almost 4%. However, it is more profitable to play it than the European or American version;
  • Zero wheel – the main feature of this roulette is the absence of the number “0” in the field. The payout percentage in this roulette is standard, which allows gamblers to play on an equal footing with an online casino. But do not be in a hurry to rejoice in this fact: in most virtual gambling clubs a large commission is charged from roulette-less roulette bets;
  • La Boule – roulette “Boole” was popular in the 19th century. In those days, it could be seen in all the famous casinos of the world. Now, it’s impossible to play the Bul Roulette at ground-based gambling clubs, but it can be found in the online casino. A distinctive feature of the roulette “Boole” is a non-standard appearance with duplicate numbers and a strange table layout. Note that, to understand the rules of the game is a snap;
  • Several balls – in the online casino gamblers can find roulettes with 2 or more balls. During the game, they use standard rules, and each of the balls starts a separate rotation. In some cases, the virtual croupier throws two balls one after the other, and both of them point to winning numbers;
  • Multi-reel roulette – this game is produced by two providers – IGT and Microgaming. The presence of 2 or more wheels accelerates the process of the game, which benefits the virtual casino. The ball in such roulettes is one, but it determines the winning numbers on all the reels at once;
  • Letters instead of numbers – there are varieties of roulette in which the numbers are replaced by letters and different symbols. They are produced by such well-known companies as GloboTech and Oryx Gaming. The rules of the game are standard, but in some cases, other factors work and unique bets can be accepted;
  • “Bauern” – it is believed that German farmers came up with this tape measure. “Bauern” visually resembles a bowl with holes. She spins, throwing colorful balls at the drum. Hitting balls in certain holes bring the player certain points;

Roulettes with unusual bets and bonuses

Such games are produced by Globotech, Playtech, and Novomatic. All of them have a non-standard look and special rules. These roulettes are presented in most online casinos and are very popular.

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